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Instructor: Carol Houton

Puppy-K classes follow the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program to provide fun, socialization, and basic training skills for puppies. S.T.A.R. stands for Socializing, Training, Activity, and Responsibility. Focus on housetraining, chewing, and learning skills for both owner and puppy. S.T.A.R. Puppy Testing and Certification will be offered for dogs at the end of the 6 week class. Meets Wednesday evenings for 1 hour.

Instructor: Paulette McBride

In the beginner class, teach your dog how to come reliably when called, walk politely on a loose leash, heel by your side, pay attention to you, stop nuisance behaviors, and learn the classic sit-down-stay.
Canine Good Citizenship Testing and Certification will be offered for dogs twice yearly. Meets Thursday evenings for 1 hour. FIrst class is for humans only, leave your dog at home, but bring dog's vaccination records.

Instructor: Paulette McBride

This class provides an opportunity to work on the skills learned in the Beginner Class to achieve better precision and to improve attention. When your dog is ready we will introduce off-leash obedience and teach commands with hand signals. We also teach Canine Good Citizen and Therapy dog exercises and offer two CGC tests per year with a certified evaluator. This is an ongoing weekly class that meets for one hour on Thursday nights.

Instructor: Paulette McBride

A fun class for you and your dog, learning some agility exercises such as tunnels and jumps as well as Rally Obedience, which is a fun way to teach different obedience exercises with a course using signs. The dog and handler will have a great confidence building experience. Entrance into the class is determined by the instructor but at the minimum will be preceded by a beginner class. This is an ongoing weekly class that meets for one hour on Wednesday nights.

Instructor: Barbara Doering

You and your dog can prepare to compete at A.K.C. obedience trials, or just come out and have fun training. Here you will work on jumping skills, retrieving skills, scent discrimination, and directional exercises.
This is an ongoing class that meets Tuesday evenings. There is an hour for AKC Utility training, followed by another hour for AKC Open training and an hour for AKC Novice training.


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